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feng shui
happy Chinese new year to all of u!! haha… here I have something to share with you guys – feng shui. haha… I am sure almost all the Chinese guys would know what is it ba… but how deep do we understand about feng shui? I personally not very understand about feng shui and seldom practice it, so for is consider new too.
here is some tips I get from a TV show during Chinese new year, hopefully can help someone in designing their buildings or fulfill your curiosity also never mind. haha….
when designing an office, the entrance of office should not face the entrance of lift core or other shop opposite to it because it is believe that some quarrelling would happen as everyone in the office might like to gossip. if it happened , then one might need to put the bamboo flute to blow the bad spirit out but not put the “octagon mirror” to reflect those bad spirit to the opposite owner.
the left side considered as the dragon part and the right side usually considered the tiger part. the right side is preferred to put something wood element like tree but if the right side area face an entrance , it is considered too bad because the combination of mouth and wood in mandarin word is called “ kun “ means difficulties.
the office tables if directly face toward the door , then the worker would receive the bad spirit such as feeling unwell and so on… the solution is to build a screen above 1m to hinder the worker from viewing. if the it is the main entrance , solid wall only enough to hinder the bad spirit. haha…
the position of air con should not be allocated above the sitting of a person or like the ceiling fan should not be right above the bed. the person would be feel stressful and uncomfortable.
the orientation of a building should against the wind direction because according to the ancient Chinese , a house is to protect us from coldness , so if the wind is blow in front the door, then one would feel so cold when the door opened. if the air con placed near the toilet , then the magnetic influence is not good to us.
in housing design , the dining area should not blend with the living area . a screen / blind should have in between. the arrangement of both dragon and tiger side should be almost equal. the kitchen should not be below than the other areas to avoid the outflow of wealth from the rear door. if there is three door placed together in a straight line , then it is advisable to close up one door.
I think that’s all for my sharing today. I believe that are still many and many facts or theories behind feng shui and some experiences you guys might get before. hope that you guys can contribute some to this blog and enliven it. hahahaha…..
Always heard someone said “ 风水骗你十年八年你都不知道( in Cantonese ) feng shui might cheat you eight to ten years unconsciously. “ what do you all think ??


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